3×3 Tips – Easy F2L Case


I’ve been doing posts on math and programming lately, so I thought it’d be good if I could do a post on some cubing. Here’s a neat F2L, which many people have trouble with, but can in fact be solved with two triggers. Here’s the case¬†(F2L 18 on AlgDb, if anybody’s wondering):


And the corresponding algorithm (Red as Front):

(R’ F R F’) (R U’ R’ U) (R U’ R’)

Basically, what you’re doing is a Sledgehammer, then a fast trigger, then insert. I find it faster than the original, intuitive version:

y’ (R’ U2 R) (U R’ U’ R)

because of the pesky y’ rotation¬†at the start, and the awkward regrip after the

(R’ U2 R).


That’s the tip for today, stay tuned!